Lovely Meals Lately

Hey, pals. How’s quarantine life going?

I can’t lie…our at-home routine is definitely reaching the point of monotony. That said, we’re both extremely grateful to have jobs and the luxury of working from home versus putting our lives at risk each day.

We’re trying to stay positive, take walks, and get the most out of the sunshine when it comes out.

We just started watching a new TV show called The Leftovers which is very strange but also really good. Also loving The Chef Show! So relaxing. Anyone else a fan?

We recently finished Cheer, season three of Ozark, and The Outsider and loved all of those as well.

Banana slices dipped in melted chocolate chips—such a simple and delish post-dinner treat.

Egg scramble with thyme, kale, tomatoes, and mushrooms from our CSA.

Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies on repeat!

We made shakshuka for brunch with roasted potatoes and it was the bomb.

Instant pot vegetarian white bean chili using dried beans for the first time! Check out the “Cooking” highlight on my Instagram for the recipe. I’m hoping to blog about this one soon, too.

Snack plate with cheddar, walnuts, and apples.

Mediterranean Salmon Salad from Alchemy Meal Prep. We’ve been eating these meals on Sunday night and it’s been super convenient!

Mexicana Blackened Tofu Salad with corn, pepitas, jicama, and mango dressing also from Alchemy Meal Prep. I topped mine with cilantro and crushed tortilla chips for crunch.

Lavva yogurt bowl with chia pudding, cacao nibs, fruit, and peanut butter.

Creamy Lemon Rice and Chickpea Soup coming to the blog Monday!

Keep your head up, friends! I’ve got LOTS of yummy recipes coming your way soon.

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